Dance Party for Juvenile Arthritis 

Show Us Your Moves!

July is Juvenile Arthritis awareness month, a pediatric rheumatic disease that affects nearly 300,000 kids and teens in the United States. And because of supporters like you, the Arthritis Foundation helps JA Warriors and their families by providing educational resources and community connections, JA Family Summit, JA Camp, scholarship opportunities, JA Power Packs, research and more

As dance party activities take place at JA Family Summit and JA Camps throughout the summer, we invite you to "Show Us Your Moves" to amplify our voices and create awareness that #KidsGetArthritisToo. Whatever you choose, have fun and ask your family and friends to join you!

How-To Show Us Your Moves!

  1. Create a 30 second video and show us your moves!
    • Show us a creative cheer, a dance routine, ​sing or lip sync a song lyric, stream your recital or band's jam session, compose a motivational beat and so much more!
    • Need some help before hitting the dance floor? 
  2. Share why you’ve chosen to create awareness & shout-out your
    call to action (samples below) or create your own!
    • Let's get this party started!
    • Join me in taking the Dance Party for JA challenge and amplify awareness
      of this often-invisible disease by showing me your moves!     
    • Please consider making a donation.            
    • Follow & Tag us at @arthritisfoundation & add any of these hashtags: #kidsgetarthritistoo #StrongerthanJA  

Don't forget to include a link to your fundraising page or add a donation sticker!

3. Post, Share, Like, Follow and Connect with other JA warriors!

Can I Create Awareness & Fundraise? Yes!

Create your own Dance Party for Juvenile Arthritis activity!

Dance Party for Juvenile Arthritis connects people of all ages, dance skills, and musical talents to come together and show us their moves to conquer arthritis. Whether you enjoy karaoke with family and friends, dancing at a silent disco, participating in a dance-off competition, or showcasing your talents; you choose your beat and hit the dance floor your way - anywhere, anytime.

Whatever your idea, choose one that's meaningful to you and we will provide the tools and support to bring your idea to life and make a difference.

Create Your Own Dance Party for JA!

Seamlessly connect your awareness activity to your social media by creating a Facebook Fundraiser, adding a donate button to your post/story, add fundraising stickers, Arthritis Foundation GIF's, or filters for a little extra flair and fun!

Additional Tools & Resources


Please contact our Community Events team at [email protected] 
To brainstorm and network with other Arthritis Foundation supporters join the Foundation's DIY Facebook Group.

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