How to DIY

Get Started: 
  • Decide what you’d like to do!  Need some ideas? – Check out our Idea Guide
  • Set a Goal! - Setting a goal will help motivate you and your supporters. 
  • Click “Start a Fundraiser” to begin the process of creating your personal fundraising page - As part of this process, you’ll be able to name your fundraiser, create your own personal fundraising URL, and add a goal!  If you’re looking to create a group fundraiser and want to give other members of your group the option to do their own fundraising, choose “Create a Commotion”.  

  • Once your page is set up, you’ll be able to customize your personal fundraising page with YOUR story.  Update your page to share details about your fundraiser.  Share why you are fundraising to stop arthritis. Customize your page with text, photos, even video! 
Build a Plan:  
  • If you’re planning a fundraising event, there are some additional tips for success: 
    • Create a timeline - you’ll need time to plan a successful and fun event.   
    • Set a budget – Consider the expenses associated with what you’d like to do.  Connect with local businesses and individuals who can donate goods and services to help reduce costs.  We can provide you a letter verifying that you are raising funds for the Arthritis Foundation.   
    • Put together a team of friends to help with some of the day-of logistics.  
Spread the Word:
  • Get the word out!  Use your fundraiser portal to send emails to friends and post on social media.  Tell people what you’re doing.  This is a chance to teach people about arthritis and tell the story of why you’re Unstoppable Against Arthritis! 
  • Share your page on social media!  Add a link to your fundraising page!   Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media!  (We don’t encourage you to click “Create a fundraiser” on Facebook - those funds can be hard to track down and link back to your personal fundraiser) 
  • If you’re planning a fundraising event, send invitations! 
  • Additional fundraising resources and tools are provided in your fundraiser portal, including customizable posters, stickers, postcards, and flyers. Use these tools to promote your fundraiser and customize them to fit your fundraiser needs! 
Build Your Fundraising: 
  • Make an online donation to your fundraising efforts and start off on the right track. This will inspire others to support you.  
  • Use your fundraising portal to ask friends, family, and coworkers to donate and/or join you!  
  • Remember: It’s all about how you ask! - The #1 reason people support a cause is because someone asks. You raise not only money, but awareness, when you tell people about why this is important to you and ask them to help—so be sure to ask everyone you know!  
    • Get personal! Share your own story, not just statistics. DIY fundraising provides a great opportunity to spread awareness of arthritis and its impact on people’s lives. Connect with your supporters on a personal level by sharing why being Unstoppable Against Arthritis is so important to you!  
    • Ask everyone to join you! And we mean everyone! Your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, clients, grocer, hair dresser – everyone you know or come across.  Personal and virtual connections are connecting us more than ever!  They’ll be flattered that you thought to include them!  
    • Think Big! If you ask someone to support your fundraiser with $100, you might get $100, or maybe you’ll get $75 or $50. Set the bar high and raise as much as you can. 
    • Ask confidently! You’re asking to help find new and better treatments – and a cure for arthritis!  Share with them the importance of what you’re doing to support the mission of the Arthritis Foundation.   
Post Fundraiser
  • Don’t forget to thank your supporters!  Share with them how they made a difference! 
  • If you have any additional funds to turn in: 
    • Complete this donation submission form to ensure the checks are properly credited to your fundraising efforts. 
    • Within 15 days of the end of your fundraiser, please mail the form and all checks to:
      Arthritis Foundation – Attn: DIY
      1355 Peachtree Street NE
      Suite 600
      Atlanta, GA 30309 
  • Send us your photos!  We’d love to highlight you in an upcoming blog or use your story as inspiration for other DIY Fundraisers!  Send to [email protected] 

Get The Word Out