Fundraise Your Way & Get Active 

Fundraise Your Way & Get Active

Challenge yourself to run a marathon or train for a fun run, hike a trail, peddle around a lake
or in your living room, track your miles and so much more!

No matter what you choose, set a goal, have fun and ask your family and friends to join you!

Fundraising Ideas & Inspiration

Arthritis warriors and their loved ones are continually coming up with new ideas to raise awareness and support for the arthritis community. Check out these featured fundraisers. 

Blue Sky Cup

Raised $3,075

The Blue Sky Cup awaits the team who can ski the most vertical feet while completing select team challenges.
A friendly competition and fundraiser that pits teams of four skiers against each other to hit as many vertical feet for the day as possible, while completing other tasks and fun challenges along the way. 

Running With a Purpose

Raised $750

Arthritis can affect anyone, but it doesn't define who you are,
what you're capable of, or what you can do.
I decided to sign up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, and that’s where I was introduced to the Arthritis Foundation and the community of warriors making a difference.

Biking Route 101

Raised $9,323

For the Arthritis Foundation's 75th Anniversary I decided to champion the fight to conquer arthritis by honoring my mom, and ride for the millions of arthritis warriors by riding 1100+ miles from
Bellingham, WA to San Francisco, CA.

Fundraising Ideas

DIY fundraising allows you bring any idea to life your way - anytime, anywhere. 
Whatever you chose, chose something you enjoy doing, ask for help and have fun along the way! 
Friendly Competition
Get Active solo or invite others to join you and create some friendly fundraising competition! Have players buy-in by giving a donation, raise money to play, or ask people to support you with a donation!
  • Organize a Tournament or dedicate your game: Volleyball, pickleball, kickball, flag football, and more!
    • Dedicate your play and set up a game or tournament by asking each team/player to register by donating $25 for example.
  • Create your own challenge:
    • Partner with Pilates/yoga/spin class or other boutique gyms and ask the instructor to waive the class fee and request a minimum donation to participate! Or set a challenge for the day (number of kicks, punches, seconds you can hold a plank, etc.) and ask members to make a pledge.
    • Choose an activity over an extended period (e.g., run/walk on a treadmill for 14 hours for the 1 in 4 Americans with arthritis).
    • Fishing tournament, rodeo, or derby – organize a competition among anglers of all ages! Fishing tournaments typically take place as a series of competitive events around or on a clearly defined body of water with specific rules applying to each event. Ask for a registration fee and bragging rights for the catch of the day!
Fundraising at the workplace can be a great way to engage employees, customers, and your community. Track your steps, add up your miles or set up a get active challenge during a certain month! 
Athletic Events & Schools
Choose a home game or a school wide activity/event and designate it to create awareness and support. Involve other school groups, such as athletic teams, cheerleaders, clubs and organizations like student council, parents, and faculty to show their school spirit and support for those living with arthritis.

Check out our Idea Guide & Toolkit for additional ideas!

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