Fundraise Your Way & Create Your Own

Fundraise Your Way & Create Your Own

Host a party, a golf outing, a trivia night, a pickleball tournament, a yoga class,
a garage sale, a bake sale, a proceeds event and so much more!

No matter what you choose, set a goal, have fun and ask your family and friends to join you!

Fundraising Ideas & Inspiration

Arthritis warriors and their loved ones are continually coming up with new ideas to raise awareness and support for the arthritis community. Check out these featured fundraisers. 

Driving for a Cure

Raised $1,348

I had a Lyft license that I hadn’t used for a while, so I decided to drive 26 hours over a weekend. This was one way I could take a weekend off, do something that was fun, and at the end of the day see the value of the contribution I was making.

Flush Out Arthritis

Raised $650

We would go out late at night and place the toilets in someone’s yard!

Lucky yard owners would then donate $15 to move the toilet to the next yard, $10 to have it removed and $30 for toilet insurance and ensure they never saw the toilet again!

A Dink for a Cure

Raised $25,000

We enjoy the pickleball and we have a lot of friends who also play, so we started with that circle of friends to see if they were interested.

Then we reached out to a venue with pickleball courts to see if they would be willing to donate and underwrite some of the costs to host the event.

Create Your Own Fundraising Ideas

DIY fundraising allows you bring any idea to life your way - anytime, anywhere. 
Whatever you chose, chose something you enjoy doing, ask for help and have fun along the way! 

Host a Party
Ask attendees to donate in exchange for being part of the fundraiser. Consider asking local businesses to consider donating the space, food, beverages auction or raffle items or guest giveaway's and prizes.
Friendly Competition
Invite others to join your group and create some friendly fundraising competition! Have players buy-in by giving a donation, raise money to play, or ask people to support you with a donation!
Celebrate & Dedicate a Special day a Special Person
Share your loved one’s story with friends and family regardless of where they live. Visitors to your page can take action by making a donation in lieu of gifts or flowers, posting messages of encouragement and share your page with family and friends.
Fundraising at the workplace can be a great way to engage employees, customers, and your community. Track your steps, add up your miles or set up a get active challenge during a certain month! 
Athletic Events & Schools
Choose a home game or a school wide activity/event and designate it to create awareness and support. Involve other school groups, such as athletic teams, cheerleaders, clubs and organizations like student council, parents, and faculty to show their school spirit and support for those living with arthritis.

Check out our Idea Guide & Toolkit for additional ideas!

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